US bank 2014

Friday September 19 2014 was yet another great Ketchum YMCA race at the US bank tower in Los Angeles.  The recent heat wave in Los Angeles made many competitive climbers worried about the 11:45 outdoor start, but luckily, the heat wave broke, and when the elites lined up it was 76 degrees Fahrenheit under a gorgeous cloudless blue sky.

With the past few male winners unable to attend, the men’s elite race was wide open and bound to have a new winner.  First place went to Chris Whitney, with a time of 10:18.  Chris has been first or second at a number of big races, and was due for this big win.  Thomas Scott continued his strong performances by finishing second, and local Alex Miller finished the elite podium by finishing third.

On the women’s side, Erika Aklufi continued her domination of US women’s stairclimbing by winning with a time of 11:12.  Second place was Sandra Nunez of Mexico, edging out your author by three seconds with a time of 12:57.  Finally, Veronica Stocker of Los Angeles, less than two weeks out from running a 50K trail ultra marathon, placed third elite female with a time of 13:08.

With the race going on until nearly 7PM and climbers going up all day, with a beer garden, street party, food vendors, and a rock climbing wall, US bank 2014 was another spectacular event that should be on everyone’s calendar as a race to attend in 2015.

Official race results here:


  1. Adam Bester says:

    Just subscribed to the blog. Looking forward to reading/writing.

    Question – I completed the Strat, LA Fight for Air, and the YMCA US Bank climbs this year. Based on my results & the point scores assigned to these races, it appears I’ve accumulated 100.72 points so far in 2014 (there’s still the Willis Tower & another LA climb to go!). Any chance I can get these results included in the rankings? Apologize for the delay, but I just learned about the system the other day.


    Adam Bester

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