The Top 7 Best Rail Techniques for Tower Running Competitions

Did you know there are more than a dozen different mainstream rail techniques? There are many more than that when you take into account the individual styles of all the different tower runners out there, because most of them have invented their own, based on their particular physiology, biomechanics, and preferences.

Using the rail properly can shave MINUTES off your stair climbing time, because your upper body muscles get to help out your legs, which causes you to go further and faster than mainly relying on your legs like most people do. It also makes tower running a full-body workout, which helps you tone and shape you all over! If you are doing tower running the right way, every muscle in your body should be completely fatigued at the top of the building when you cross the finish line!

You too can invent your own techniques too, but it’s useful to learn the basics first and then innovate your own from there. To get you started on practicing the standard techniques, watch the instructional video below. For even more tips and tricks, click here.