The Oracle Has Spoken

OK, I’m having a little fun with this one. I’m going to predict the top ten times and places for the upcoming stair race this Sunday, 10/23/11.

Why is this so fun for me? Because it’s a new building that none of us have done yet, so we have no baseline times. New stairwells can be very unpredictable and 51 stories in one building can be up to couple minutes different than 51 stories in another building, so I’m going out on a limb predicting placings and times here before the race.

This climb is 51 stories and the floors are pretty standard. It’s 1010 steps, so I think I can estimate pretty close with my world-ranked step brothers and step sisters because I know how fast they are in other climbs.

This is a relatively short climb too, so certain sprint-climbers like myself, Kourtney and Kacie have an advantage for sure. There are lots of awesome climbers coming out for this one though, so it will be super competitive. Here are my predicted placings and times for the top 10 on our team. These will also be our approximate start order:

1st place: Kevin Crossman 5:30
2nd: Brian Crossman 5:35
3rd: John Osborn 5:45
4th: Brady Renshaw 5:54
5th: P J Glassey 5:55
6th: Mike Walter 5:56
7th: Mark Trahanovsky 5:58
8th: Kourtney Dexter 6:20
9th: Kacie Fischer 6:22
10th: Kristen Frey 6:25

I’m not too sure about the rest, because I haven’t climbed with them enough lately, but here is my suggested start order after Kristen to minimize passing and congestion:

Patrick Roby
Karen Geninatti
Sheila Klein
Ann Stover
Rich Camacho
Jennifer Tenczar
George Burnham
Spencer Colby
Ken Yu
Ken Colling
Patricia Scott
Hilary Kenops
Anne Jensen
Nelson Quong
Lesley Jacobs
Nicholas Blenkush

The following will be starting later in the day, to allow for some of us to come back down and climb back up with them:

Adam Walter 8:50 (Mike’s 9 year old son – so he will go back up with him)
Calvin Hancock 6:55 (PJ’s 13 year old nephew – so he will go back up with him)
Beverly Grant 8:45 (PJ’s girlfriend – looks like a 3rd trip up for PJ – yeah buddy!)