The Best of the Best in Tower Running 2012

It always fascinates me to read about the best in the world at anything, but for the obscure sport of tower running, it’s especially interesting. Who are these crazy people who dominate the most intense sport on the planet? What makes them tick? Why are they so good? Well, Kathy Gillespie Smith, a brilliant writer, hit another home run with these amazing articles on, discussing this very subject!

Check them out here:

The current #1 male in the world, Justin Stewart:





The current #1 female in the world, Kristen Frey (sorry about the blurry picture – cameras don’t have shutter speeds fast enough to catch her when she’s racing):









World’s fastest female sprint tower racer, Kourtney Dexter:









World’s most wins (and still currently racing), Jesse Berg (picture below):













Lastly, but certainly not least, if there were a hall of fame, Terry Purcell would be the first inductee. He isn’t racing anymore, but after 18 years straight and more wins than anyone ever, he’s not only “da man,” but he’s also “da pioneer,” inspiring and even (still) mentoring many of us in the stair climbing family.







Why didn’t I mention Thomas Dold? After all, he does indeed win the overall #1 slot in the world every year. Well, I view this as an amateur sport and since he is a professional athlete without a real job, he gets to train as much as he wants. The rest of us have jobs, so our time is much more limited. Plus, we have to pay for our own travel expenses, entry fees, fundraising minimums, etc. That adds up to about $1,200 per race (with no prize money for winning) and when you race enough to get as high a rank as the folks on this page, that comes to at least $10,000 per year paid out of pocket. To shell out that kind of money with only the most intense pain of any sport as a return, makes these people in my opinion, the essence of athletics.