2011 Stratosphere Stair Climb Race Results

Holy vertical Batman, that was a serious tower!The Stratosphere race in Vegas was quite an event. This is the highest elevation gain of any stair race west of the Mississippi and the most “floors,” of any race in the world (at 108), but then again, Vegas exaggerates.

While this race does indeed span 1,455 steps, the stairs are metal, which is quite a bit easier to climb than most buildings which have cement stairs. There are also half the landings of the typical building, because the Strat staircase has longer spans. This means it has half the turns too, which makes it a super fast race for its height.

The climb times in fact, are comparable to the Columbia Tower in Seattle, which lists only 69 floors for its race, which really shows what a fast course the Stratosphere is.

It still kicked my fanny though! I was writhing around on the floor in pain (like I usually do) for a good 5 minutes after I was done, and the competition was so good there, I could only squeak out a 7th place finish overall.

I was a pleasure though, to get beat by some pretty amazing tower runners. Kevin Crossman (#10 in the world last year) won it this year and tied to course record. Javier Santiago (#2 in the world) came in second, Rolf Majcen (#5 in the world) came in 3rd and Jesse Berg (#4 in the world) placed 4th.

Some ninja climber named Matt Novakovich came in 5th, and I ended up slipping in between the fittest couple in Vegas by finishing just after Michael Schramm and just ahead of Erica Schramm, who was last year’s winner and course record setter for women.

Erica smashed her own record by almost a minute to set the new record for 2011. Our own Kourtney Dexter also smashed the 2010 record, but not quite as much as Erica did, who ended up nipping Kourtney by 9 seconds. Kourtney isn’t used to placing second, but she sure was honored to race with the likes of Erica.

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