Stratosphere 2015

The national championship at Strat 2015 was another roaring success.  Racers lined up to start at 8am sunday March first, and after a 25 minute delay to assist an injured volunteer, the elite wave was sent up one by one.
First overall and again close to the course record was Sproule Love, with a time of 7:22.  Slightly improving on his winning time from the previous year but relegated to second by Sproule’s outstanding performance was Alex Workman with 7:51.  Coming in third with a time that would have won many years was John Osborn with a time of 7:54.  Rounding out the second podium were Jason Larson ( 8:06 ) fresh off winning a hometown climb the previous day.  Joshua Duncan was close behind with 8:08, followed by Jeffrey Dinkin who raced up all 108 flights in 8:24.
On the women’s side, australian transplant Stephanie Hucko placed first with a very strong time of 8:52.  Chicago’s own Eveleyn Wisnwski  placed second with 10:02, followed closely by Kacie Cleveland with a time of 10:03.
With its finish photos, unparalleled views, speedy staircase, the fun of vegas, and 400 Stairsport points on tap, Stratosphere remains a top choice for the stair racing elite to travel to  and race against the very best!


  1. Strat is a fun race, especially given the kitschy Vegas backdrop. However, with the bizarre “flight” markers and largely regional turnout, does it continue to deserve to be a 400 point event? Just sayin.

    • MathSib says:

      I appreciate the feedback! I’d like to have a rotating championship, but strat is good in a number of ways:

      1) End of the season
      2) Economical on-site accommodations
      3) Mid-level race distance to make everyone happy
      4) Supportive race organizers
      5) Cost effective for flights.

      I’d like for willis to be the championship, but it fails on the first three counts. US bank is the start of the season, any NY race is expensive accommodations, etc.

      I also don’t see what the floor markings have to do with anything.

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