Spokane Don’t Got No Tall Buildings!

I (PJ) was at a strength conference last weekend in Spokane Washington with my cousin Russ to get continuing education credits for our CSCS certifications, so I had to skip my weekend stair workout with my homies in the Muni building. I was Jonesin’ for some vertical big time, so Russ and I found the tallest building in Spokane – the Wells Fargo building. It was locked up tight though, onnaccounta it’s a bank and it was Saturday (lazy bankers).

Sooooo we went across the street to the Davenport Hotel , which is the 2nd tallest building in Spokane. We were pleasantly surprised however, to discover that although it is 20 feet shorter than the Wells Fargo building, the staircase is 2.5 floors taller. This made it the tallest staircase in Spokane, so that’s even better. We scored!

Russ and I found the stairwell to be locked, and the elevators required keycards, so we put our best puppy dog faces on and begged to use the stairwell. The faces and begging turned out to be unnecessary though, because the people in Spokane (or at least at Hotel Davenport) just aren’t as uptight as Seattleites. They were happy to let us in.

Like most stairwells, you can’t get out except on the bottom floor, so we knew we would have to walk all the way back down. Seein’ as how it was only 22.5 floors, we figured this wouldn’t be too big a deal.

My time to the top was an even 1:40 and Russ was only a minute behind, which was pretty amazing since he weighs 55 pounds more than me and had a bad cold and a nasty cough.

The walk back down was the hardest part and took about 5 minutes. I used my arms a BUNCH on the way down to take the load off my calves. I warned Russ, but he’s young and stubborn so he didn’t listen. His calves are still sore 5 days later. Ha! That’ll learn you to not listen to your elders!

My next climb is tomorrow (9/25/09) in LA up the US Bank building. It’s 75 stories, so I don’t think I’ll be sprinting that one. I’ll miss another weekend climb with my homies, but be sure to go without me folks! Erik, Tiff and Roby have already committed to Muni this Saturday (9/26) at 3 pm so be sure to show up and do a couple floors for me too!