Rules, Regulations and Races was created as the home for the United States Stair Climbing Association (USSCA) to create a community for USA amateur tower racers.

We define a “USA amateur” tower runner as any US citizen who is crazy enough to run up towers in formal organized races and has another full time job (working more than 30 hours per week) that would keep him/her from training more than anyone else who has a full time job. A professional athlete on the other hand, gets paid to train and workout, so that’s just not fair for the rest of us to have to race against them.  A professional athlete also gets money for winning and/or travel expenses and/or promotional and/or endorsement/ sponsorship/fundraising fees. The cutoff for our purposes (at this point until further refinement is necessary) is $7,777.77. If you earn more than than through winnings, sponsorships and endorsements, you are a professional athlete and are not eligible to compete with the rest of us amateurs.

We amateurs on the other hand, have to pay out of our own pockets for all our own expenses, fees and stuff, so it makes frequent racing more prohibitive which in turn, makes it harder for us to rack up points. Lastly, the pros have pressure to take drugs and if they do, makes it an even more unfair playing field for the rest of us amateurs who don’t feel the pressure to dope. Any drug banned by the IOC is not allowed in our sport either, so if you are on one or more of those, you can’t compete with us. And shame on you. You’re mom would be very disappointed if she knew.

Bottom line recap: If you are drug free, work more than 30 hours per week in another job (other than training and working out) and earn less than $7,777.77 per year in winnings and sponsorships (in any athletic sport), you are probably considered an amateur by our standards at this point (until we see a need for further clarification anyway).

The races on are selected and scored by the volunteers who help with this site (like PJ Glassey, David Hanley, etc.), so all USA  races may not be included or scored. To find out a score based on placement for a particular race, click here for David Hanley’s nifty calculator.

The list of 2015 US circuit races and their points are listed below.  Races not listed here may be counted as 50 points IF they are submitted to us this way: Simply acquire the results from the race timing company in spreadsheet form and email that sheet to David Hanley with a link to the online results page showing those published results. Hurry though, because David must have those results within two weeks of the race in order to qualify for points in this system!

Upper Midwest (1000):

Southeast (900):

Lower Midwest (1000):


Northeast (1000):

Southwest (1000):


Northwest (900):

  • Rainier Tower, Seattle, WA ( 200 ) 1/24/2015 
  • Big Pink, Portland, OR ( 100 ) 1/25/2015
  • Big Climb, Seattle, WA ( 300 ) 3/22/2015
  • WaMu, Seattle, WA ( 200 ) TBD (may be in November 2015)
  • FFA Boise, ID ( 100 ) 4/4/2015


Mountain (800): 

 Coming races to post soon for 2015:

** Scale the Strat represents the 2013 US championship race, so it’s worth 400 points.

*** Honorable mention race is a potential point earner beyond the normal 50 point races, pending compeitive participation. If one of these races becomes more competitive, it will gather more points the following year. If one of these is your race, then recruit elites to it and watch the points grow!

Special thanks to for having the most complete world stair race list on the web! If you want to see  a great list of the recent upcoming races in the US and the rest of the world, click here. If you want to download an amazing list of races for the whole year, click the “Event Database” link on this page. Once again – many thanks to! They really do rock and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude for all the work they have done and continue to do for our crazy sport!

For purposes of computing national rankings, your best five race point totals will count towards your overall points total and and national rank. Additional races are encouraged, because if you do better in one of those than another you did previously (with the same or higher point rank) then you get to replace that better race with the worse race. Otherwise,  there is no benefit to additional races other than it’s just dang fun.  However, even if additional races past your best 5 that don’t increase your points, they could still be used for tie breaking if needed.

We aim to award an overall champion for each gender as well as age-based champions for each gender.  Each age bracket would begin with a ‘zero’ year and end with a nine year (i.e. 20-29, 30-39). This of course is dependent on how much time our volunteers can put into this system.

Disclaimer: We aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes, so please expect that. Comments and suggestions are always welcome  – as well as complaints – because all feedback helps improve this site, but please remember the following points:

  1. You’re getting this for free.
  2. We’re doing this for free.
  3. Tower racers are ALL super nice people.
  4. If you get upset with the volunteers or this free service and become belligerent, refer back to points #1, #2 and #3.
  5. If you are still being a jerk, we’ll just boot your ass out of this system because you don’t fit in with #3 and you don’t appreciate #1 or #2. Additionally, we will likely hit you in the face with a pie at floor 102 in the Willis Tower if we see you there.

P.S. If you want to learn stair climbing techniques and unique training methods to get faster, check out the X Gym stair training page by clicking here.

P.P.S. Another great resource is Stan Schwarz’s tower maps page. This will help you calculate your pace because it shows extremely accurate stair counts, landings, etc. for many of the towers we race. More stairwells are added regularly, so check back to it often!