Race Records of the Stair Titans

Have you ever wondered, while climbing up a building, what the fastest time is for that building? Some of times you probably already know (especially the major ones, or the recent record breakers) but wouldn’t it be fun to know a bunch of them? Well, thanks to George Grena and his research, now we know over 60 of those records!

Click the “Stair Titans” link below to see the PDF of the races compiled so far and if you have any corrections (including you George, who might have caught some mistakes I made during transcription), please let me know by emailing me pj@xgym.com, with the official race link that shows that record.

George provided me with all the verification race links for this list (along with lots of other data), but for the sake of space, I included only the minimal information necessary for us all to admire the record holders and their achievements. They are amazing and deserve to be recognized!

Also, if you know of a record that isn’t included, please email me that information with the race link for that as well. With all of your help, we could get an even more comprehensive list together and watch it change over time!



Stair Titans