Outdoor Stair Workouts

Can’t find a building stairwell to train in? Would you rather go outside anyway and enjoy the sun while you workout? Well then, outside stairs might be for you.

To find a great staircase, go to publicstairs.com. Doug B. has done an amazing job mapping out the best locations for you.

To learn how to do some killer outside stair workouts, check out Kathy Gillespie Smith’s article on active.com.

Now go for it!


  1. stairman says:

    Some pretty good locations on the publicstairs site, but still I wonder why not just run hills, they can be much higher and very steep indeed. Do we actually require steps, as opposed to just elevation?

    For instance there is a mountain a few miles from my house that is 2200 feet in height with more than 20 degrees of angle in many places in less than three miles length.

    Love you posts

    • Yep, your instinct is correct. Elevation is really all you need. Hills are great too. Stairs are just more convenient and they usually give more elevation in a shorter length, so they are often more time efficient as well, when compared to most hikes or hill runs. Your mountain sounds awesome though!

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