New Ranking Website Coming 1/1/2016!

You may be excited to learn that a shiny new website will be opening in a few weeks on January 1, 2016. This new site will be the new home of the USA stair ranking system, headed by Alex Workman, David Hanley and others on the USSCA board/council.

The current ranking system will no longer be available on this website, but you can simply email or Facebook message David Hanley for the updated current rankings.

This website will of course continue to operate as a blog and a reference for really cool data like Stan’s charts and stairwell maps, George’s stair geek calculations, training tips, race results and more.

I will also do my best to maintain an updated chart for records in towers, but I will need your help, so if you see a new record being set or corrections to my table, please let me know! Another thanks to George Grena for collecting and compiling most of the data on that chart. You da man George!