Justin Crushes Long Standing La Mesa Staircase Record

Justin Stewart demolished my 3 year old record at the La Mesa outdoor staircase on 2/23/13. I broke my record too, which I was really happy about, but Justin broke it more.

Darn that punk.

If I wasn’t there to film it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible to run 250 stairs, cross 2 streets and sprint several flat straights in 1 minute and 9 seconds, but he did it.

And that was coming straight from a run up Cowles Mountain which boasts 1000 vertical feet in 1.2 miles. He did that run 1.5 times. Probably because he’s equivalent to 1.5 of me and he was rubbing that fact in my face to be spiteful.

Passive-aggressive little sh*t.

And this was also the day after climbing the Columbia Center skyscraper in San Diego 26 times, winning that race by an enormous margin against some amazing tower racers. He also won the sprint race division just before that, beating me handily there too, so counting that trip up, he climbed Columbia Center tower 27 times.

Kids I tell ya…

Oh yeah – and because 27 times up a skyscraper wasn’t enough exercise for him, he hopped on Tommy Coleman’s fixed gear bicycle afterwards and rode 20 miles across the hilliest terrain he could find.

I’m suspect he’s a Cyborg.

His skin looks real enough though and that might throw other people off the cyborg trail, but for a 25 year old he should have more zits, so I’m sticking with my suspicions.

I’m on to you Justin.

Click here and then you decide…


  1. G.M. Grena says:

    PJ, did you see any perspiration coming from his skin? That would be another sign that he might be “one of them”. Based on Lisa’s awesome performance at the Towerthon, I suspect “they” might’ve gotten to her already too…

  2. MathSib says:

    Instead of the T1000 he is the JS2000

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