Jane Trahanovsky

Jane Trahanovsky from Newport Beach, CA, made her first climb at the 63-story AON Building in LA in April 2008 at the encouragement of her brother, Mark, a world-class climber.  She completed the climb in 34:17 at the age of 51, weighing in excess of 220 pounds.  She was bitten by the stair climbing bug that day and began exercising and eating healthier so she’d have less weight to carry up the stairs.   Two years later and 80 pounds lighter she was first in her age division at the 75 story US Bank in LA in September 2010.  In 2011, Jane had her first “Fastest Overall Female” finish in Pittsburgh, did AON in 13:31 and made the towerrunning.com World Cup List of Top 70 female climbers world-wide.  She set a PR of 16:54 at US Bank in September 2012.  Jane is an “unlikely athlete,” humbled to be a part of the stair climbing community.


  1. Ron McLeod says:

    Congratulations. I am from Brasil and competed with Mark 3 times in the RIC Chicago SkyRise event. Your time at 220 lbs was fantastic! My 2 sons completed the SkyRise in 43 minutes. Ray lost 292-222=70 lbs. but regained 40 lbs. I will be coming in 2014. I’m 72.

  2. Marsha O'Loughlin says:

    I have stair running on and off for the past 30 years ( I love it) I plan on San Antonio in 2015 its a one (1) mile run and then continue up the Hemisphere 58 stories..my combined time of 1 mile and the 58 last year was 20 minutes…..I will be 70 in 2015 and they are holding BiB number 70 for me.

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