How Cool Are We?

Thanks Greg for cranking up this site! What a blast! Our own little stair cult begins… Kind of makes me weepy.

We of course need to give props right away to all our current regulars: Erik, Roby, Chris, Kirsten, Kit, Kevin, Jeff, Emma, Andrea and of course you – Greg, our founding webmaster! Once you get back from your 1/2 marathon in Chicago, I know you’ll be running up with us again.

Like “Fight Club”, we need some rules! What do you all think? How about a minimum number of trips to qualify for being an official “Flight Club” member? It seems that once someone has come more than 10 times, they are hopelessly addicted, so since 14 is a multiple of 7, how about that for the minimum? Once someone qualifies, then they can order the club shirt. How about that?

Here’s a cool Seattle skyscraper site:

Check out Roby’s click tracks link to the right! They are perfect for pacing yourself. Just download the right one for you and stick it on your MP3 player.

Remember to follow xgymstairs on Twitter for climbing tweets and weekend climb times.  It looks like Greg already put the link up on this site. I just sent one out for Muni stairs this Sat at 8:30. See you there!


P.S. Here’s one of our WaMu climb winning videos from YouTube: