Hancock 2014

Hustle up the hancock 2014 represented a surge in performance for new and returning men’s climbers, while representing a bit of a return of the old guard on the women’s side.


The day was gorgeous; after a long hard winter, it was warm and clear in the morning, and approaching the race in shorts and tee shirts was comfortable.  Unfortunately, this made for hot conditions in the stairwell, and most racers were covered with sweat after only a few minutes in the stairs.


Marking a triumphant return to racing after a brief retirement, and continuing his domination of recent Chicago and Midwest events, Eric Lenninger beat his previous best time in the hancock by 30 seconds, with a time of 9:42, winning by over a minute over second place finisher Jesse Berg ( 10:53 ).  John “Oz” Osborne eclipsed his previous best time in the hancock despite registering too late for an elite start, narrowly missing a second place finish himself with a time of 10:56.  Rounding out the top five were young guns Joshua Duncan ( 11:15 ) and Jason Larson ( 11:19 ).  Eleven year old Robert Liking put down an incredibly impressive 12:39, cementing his position as the most impressive climber in his age range, by far.


Cindy Harris returned to the winners podium yet again, with a time of 12:03.  Chicagoan Sheri Breese finished second with a time of 13:09, despite focusing her training more on her upcoming boston marathon.  Deborah Scheitlin was third, with a time of 13:58, and seasoned race Catherine Demet with fourth with a time of 14:01.  Rounding out the women’s top five was Kristin Frey, who has been training for an ultramarathon, was not planning to race, but escort her father up the steps.  When her father was unable to race due to an injury, she experimented with single stepping and not touching the handrails as running training. A top five finish while creating extra challenges is quite impressive!



The post-race expo and buffet was a delightful affair, with plenty of food, DJ’s, news media, and massages.  

For full race results, please see: http://www.lungchicago.org/hustle-results14