We Can’t Stop Getting High!

I’ve been getting high quite a bit lately, as well as pressuring many of my friends to get high with me. I get high every Tuesday and Friday mornings, and usually every Saturday, but last week I got really high on Friday afternoon with my new ‘step’ brother, Jubal Flagg.

Jubal and I got high in Bellevue last Friday – twice  in less than half an hour –  with only a small amount of time between highs. Jubal is a local celebrity and part of the morning show crew on Kiss 106.1 FM, Seattle’s top radio station. Will this put his job at stake? He’s not worried about it.

I’m not worried about getting high so often either. I’m actually quite proud of my addiction, and want to drag as many people into it as possible. Check out what I mean here:

Do you want to get high with us too? We would love you to join us. You can register here. If you want to learn how to get high as fast as possible, check out this page. Just be warned though. It’s addicting!

-PJ Glassey