Free Stair Climbing Boot Camps!

Have you started training yet for the 69 floor Big Climb on March 21st? Do you even know how? Who would you ask for training advice for this very unique and unusual activity? How about a record holder or some of the top 10 finishers? Maybe some division winners?

Well, you are in luck, because those racers happen to train or work at the X Gym (scroll down to previous posts for more details) and they are hosting 3 Seattle bootcamps and 3 Kirkland bootcamps, specifically designed to train you for the Big Climb!

KourtWaMuThese clinics are free and open to anyone who is already registered for the Big Climb! If you get in (space is limited), you will learn many new things ranging from techniques to make you faster, to tips on making it more enjoyable so your facial expression at the finish line looks like Kourtney’s (pictured left) who wins fastest overall woman in both the WaMu and the Big Climb every year she enters, instead of the miserable sap in the picture below, who hasn’t won fastest man in any race.

Click the following link NOW for more details and to find out how to sign up for one of the limited spaces in one or all of these clinics:

Hurry though, because you need to start PJWaMutraining NOW and the class sizes are limited! The Big Climb is coming soon! It is the largest stair climb in the world and it fills up every year, so sign up TODAY if you plan on participating!

If you will come to at least one of the stair climbing boot camps, or workout with the X Gym DVD, or train at an X Gym, feel free to join the X Gym team too. We want our biggest team ever! Don’t worry about being fast enough either, because only the top 3 fastest times count for the total team time. With Jesse and the Crossman twins climbing with us this year, the fastest team award is already a given. You can even sign up as an untimed climber with us if you would rather not worry about speed at all.

If you do sign up with us, please remember that this is a fundraiser. While it will be a blast to share in the X Gym winning mojo, we expect all of our racers to do their part in raising money for this great cause. We don’t just want to dominate as racers. We want to dominate as fundraisers too!

Here are the links one more time, so you can act TODAY:

Sign up for one of the limited spaces in the special stair climbing boot camps:

Sign up with the X Gym team as either a timed or untimed climber:

Sign up by yourself, on another team, or form your own team and miss out on being a part of the X Gym mojo: