#FitMob Takes to the Stairs

Have you often wondered why health insurance companies typically don’t cover preventative health care costs? They usually wait until their customer is sick and then just pay for treatment of the symptoms. It seems backwards doesn’t it?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend less money on the customer by making them well in the first place and then keeping them that way?

Well, it seems that a local insurance company is now getting it right! Lifewise Health Plan of Washington is powering a new fitness inspiration program through Actively Northwest, using #FitMob as the signal to their customers to get active, get fit, and get healthy.

Guess what their kick-off event is? Yep – STAIR CLIMBING! PJ Glassey will lead a mob of climbers up and down the Howe St. stairs in Seattle (the 4th longest outdoor stairwell in the USA) on 8/24/13 at 8:30 am. Climbers will learn valuable techniques on stair climbing ranging from how to maximize the workout, to reducing muscle soreness, and everything in between.

You’re invited too! There is no requirement that you be a Lifewise customer either. It’s highly advised to go xgym.com/stairs and check out the great info there to brief yourself beforehand so you show up informed and ready to go!

Here is the latest TV promo on #FitMob (and some great stairclimbing advice starting at 2:13):