Final World Rankings For 2010

Well we’ve been racing all year, and now  here are the final world rankings for the year, along with my comments. Bottom line is I’ll just talk about the people I know personally, because I’m proud of them and have formed an unusually strong bond with them as a result of this crazy extreme sport.

I couldn’t write this post without a big shout out to for all your hard work in ranking the hundreds of elite climbers from all over the world! You guys are always first to post results too – even before the race websites have them up!  It is an incredibly arduous task – I don’t know how you do it. So thank you Sebastian and Michael for donating all your time and energy simply because you love the sport. You guys really do rock!

My stepsisters first

Sandra Nunez Castillo – 2nd place female in the world! My stepsister from Mexico. What can I say? You are amazing. You and Javier own this sport. It’s been great visiting with you and I look forward to more races with you in 2011.

Kristin Frey – 3rd place. My stepsister from Illinois. Thanks for coming out for the Bellevue climb. That was a blast. I can’t believe how fast you are and how well you did, as a rookie too! You smoked most of the veterans this year. All but two, in fact. You get the most impressive award for sure.

Kacie Fischer – 8th place. My stepsister from California. Wow! You sure have learned a lot since your first climb in the Empire State building haven’t you (LOL)? You are one tough chick sis! You would have ranked even higher if you weren’t such a rebel at the US Bank climb, getting yourself disqualified for doing it twice (mercy). Can’t wait to see you Rollerblade across America to raise money for the special Olympics. You’re quite the over-achiever, but I love it. We all do.

Erika Aklufi – 14th place. My Stepsister from LA. You don’t have to do many races to rank high when you win them all, huh? Dang! I can’t wait to see you win the 2011 Empire State building race. You could easily win first in the world with only 4-5 races if you strategically planned them…

Kourtney Dexter – 16th place. My stepsister and co-worker at the Kirkland X Gym, and another stepsister to win everything she entered. Plus, she set the course records for all our local races as well as the BOA building in San Fransisco. Holy smokin’ it Batman! Thanks for being such a good sport and letting me drag you all over to these crazy races. You make me and the X Gym so proud!

Veronica Stocker – 22nd place. My Stepsister from LA. Quite an impressive standing despite being less than 100% healthy!You are a trooper for sure sis. Glad you’re well now though. It’s been so fun hanging with you and I look forward to 2011 – especially our marathon climb. Speaking of marathons, great job on a world ranking in that sport too!

Jamela Leddy – 74th place. My Stepsister from Seattle. Wow, you sure made us proud by stepping up and winning the WaMu race when Kourtney called in sick. You are a true champion and now the official one for that tower! It’s been great practicing with you and training with you at the X Gym. I’m looking forward to more workouts and races in 2011!

Veronika Maklakova – 126th place. Another stepsister from Seattle and my newest prodigy. Great job scoring high in your first and only two climbs so far! I look forward to seeing you move up in the ranks next year!

Anne Stover – 151st place. Another stepsister from Seattle and faithful X Gymer. Wow, one climb and you’re on the boards! I sure hope you will do more in 2011. You are a ninja and will do well in this sport with your great attitude and high tolerance for pain.

Heidi Bork – 253rd place. Yet another stepsister from Seattle. It was great working with you and Todd in the stair bootcamps and practice runs! It obviously paid off. I hope to work with you more in 2011 and see you do all 3 of our local races instead of just one!

Then my stepbrothers

Javier Santiago  – 2nd place male in the world! My stepbrother from Mexico. It was such a blast competing with you in about 4 of my races this year (and getting beat by you every time). Can’t wait to see you again soon – hopefully at one of your hometown races…

Jesse Berg – 4th place. My stepbrother from Chicago and brother in Christ. Thanks so much for putting us up at your place and participating in so many of the Seattle Climbs! I am still blown away by the fact that you won both the shortest race in the world (Bennington monument) and the tallest race (Sears tower) this year. That’s not supposed to be possible. Most people are either fast or slow twitch muscle fibers, but it seems you are both. Further proof that you’re an alien…

Tim Van Orden – 7th place. My stepbrother from Vermont. Thanks for hosting us in your home turf and coming to Seattle for our big climb! The seminar we did together was a huge life highlight for me bro. I’ll get you next year at Bennington…

Kevin Crossman – 10th place. My stepbrother from Seattle. It’s been a pleasure training with you here, getting beat by you everywhere and traveling with you too. Don’t forget to tell everyone that I taught you everything you know. You promised – I have it on video (LOL).

John Osborn (“Oz”) – 21st place. My stepbrother from Illinois. Thanks for coming out for the Bellevue climb bro! Can’t wait for the February race on your turf! I’ve thrown down the gaunlet, so it’s ON!

Mark Trahanovski – 22nd place. My stepbrother from California and brother in Christ. Wow, and to earn this kind of a rank in the 50-60 age group! Dude, you’re superman. You are my main rival too, so it was fun getting beat by you as well as beating you this year. I think we are actually even now, so 2011 will have to be a tie-breaker. Thanks for hooking me up with so many great people in this sport. You are the reason I have so many great stepbrothers and stepsisters. You are the glue that holds us all together and we are all so grateful for all that you do for us! Go West Coast Labels!

Braden Renshaw – 25th place. My stepbrother from Illinois. You sure finished the year strong. Thanks for coming to Bellevue bro! Can wait to race with you in February!

Me (PJ) – 31st place. Not bad, considering I came in 92nd last year and the competition has improved A LOT since then! Thank you Lord, for blessing me with such great experiences and close friends. This is the best sport ever!

Terry Purcell – 40th place. My stepbrother from Illinois. I wish you could have raced more this year bro. You would have been top 10 again at least. With your lungs and legs, you could win it all if you wanted to, but I understand how busy you are. Can’t wait to race with you in February!

Brian Crossman – 46th place. My stepbrother from Seattle (and Kevin’s twin). I wish you could have raced more too bro. It was sure fun traveling with you to LA, even though you beat me (quite handily I might add).

Don Crawford – 47th place. My stepbrother from Florida and brother in Christ. Unbelievable rookie year! It was great working with you over email bro. If you had kept racing through the whole year, you would have beat me in the rankings too.

Jonny (Rocket) Garcia – 52nd place. My stepbrother from LA and another amazing rookie! Great job bro. I still can’t believe how much you schooled me at the US Bank climb, especially because that was your first race ever! Thanks for coming out to my stomping grounds (twice) and for being Javier’s translator.

Shaun Stephens-Whale – 111th place. My stepbrother from Canada. Nice job on your one race bro! You won it all and it got you on the boards. I hope to see you back this year at the Big Climb!

Ryan Short – 237th place. My (blood) nephew from LA. Nice rookie year! Too bad you had to miss the US Bank race or you would have ranked even higher. Thanks for letting Kourtney, the Crossman twins, Roby and me stay with you and your mom for our LA races and for being our personal chef and chauffeur!

Michael Cartmell  – 338th place. My stepbrother from San Fransisco. Thanks for putting me up at your place for the BOA race and letting us use your hotel room at so many races for our staging area. It was also a blast seeing you get so much faster, stronger and leaner. You will dominate the 60-70 age group again next year for sure.

Jeff Dinkin – 537th place. My stepbrother from California. Even in spite of your injury, you still got on the boards! You will heal fast and be back to it (trash talk and all) in no time. Thanks for hanging with us at the LA races even though you couldn’t participate. I wish you could have run them all with us, but it was great to have you there anyway.

Wow, 2010 was an amazing and fun year with all of you! Thanks also to all my other stepbrothers and stepsisters in the flight club who didn’t race enough to get on the boards, but are every bit as fun as those listed here. I cherish our common and very strong bond through this crazy sport. You are all so fun to “get high” with! It is addicting isn’t it?