Download Your Own TTSD Poster!

Be a part of the movement!

Just click the “DOWNLOAD POSTER” link below to download and print your own National Take The Stairs Day poster for display in the following places:

  • At the bottom of the “UP” escalator.
  • In the elevators.*
  • In your stairwell (outside and inside the doors).*
  • In your office (best by the exit doors).*
  • On the entrance door to your building.*
  • At home as a reminder.

Post your additional ideas in the comment section below!


*Make sure your building allows access to your floor (or confirm that you have a key or keycard) before ascending and promoting to others. Most buildings are only open at the bottom (since stairwells are typically only designated for fire escape purposes) and if that’s the case, then you and others will have to go all the way back down and that kind of defeats the purpose. Plus, descending stairs makes you really sore and is hard on your joints. Ascending on the other hand, is less impact than walking and is SUPER good for you! In light of this, we encourage you to go ahead an use the elevator to go down your building.

Important note: Multi-floor access is also nice in case physical condition does not allow for a full climb to the goal floor. We encourage the “buddy system” for those who are deconditioned. We also recommend that a physician approval is obtained before attempting stairs.