Strat’s a-coming!

The US championship race at the stratosphere is a few short days away. The line-up for the elite wave has been released, and with many of the usual suspects for the men’s race not able to attend this year, that half of the race is wide open, with Alexander Workman, Jeffrey Dinkin, Thomas Scott, and John “Oz” Osborne statistically likely to finish in a dead heat, and up-and-coming athletes such as Joshua Duncan and Jason Larson likely to be nipping at their heels. On the Women’s side, Erika … [Read more...]

#FitMob Takes to the Stairs

Have you often wondered why health insurance companies typically don't cover preventative health care costs? They usually wait until their customer is sick and then just pay for treatment of the symptoms. It seems backwards doesn't it?  Wouldn't it make more sense to spend less money on the customer by making them well in the first place and then keeping them that way? Well, it seems that a local insurance company is now getting it right! [Read more...]

The Best of the Best in Tower Running 2012

It always fascinates me to read about the best in the world at anything, but for the obscure sport of tower running, it's especially interesting. Who are these crazy people who dominate the most intense sport on the planet? What makes them tick? Why are they so good? Well, Kathy Gillespie Smith, a brilliant writer, hit another home run with these amazing articles on, discussing this very … [Read more...]

Ellen Degeneres Needs to Know About Tower Running

Wouldn't it be great to have our sport featured on Ellen? Well, I've been trying for some time now, so check out the vids below and send them to your friends so they get lots of hits and then Ellen wants to feature us! May 2012 August 2010 … [Read more...]

Greg’s Documentary Project

Greg Mushen, a Flight Club member and genius filmmaker, is now working on an exciting stair climber documentary! He wants the world to understand what tower running is all about and he feels the best way to explain it is though the magic of film. If you are a tower runner, I'm sure you have had a hard time explaining this sport to others. They just don't seem to get it. Even if they do understand the concept, they don't seem to be able to grasp the intensity of the sport or the passion we all … [Read more...]

Final World Rankings For 2010

Well we've been racing all year, and now  here are the final world rankings for the year, along with my comments. Bottom line is I'll just talk about the people I know personally, because I'm proud of them and have formed an unusually strong bond with them as a result of this crazy extreme sport. I couldn't write this post without a big shout out to [Read more...]

Travel Nutrition, Exercise on the road and Ninja Towerrunning

Have you ever wondered how to eat well while traveling, how to keep up your exercise while on the road, or what it looks like to sneak into a skyscraper and run up to the top? Well, the video below answers all of those great questions and more! … [Read more...]