2016 Seattle/Portland Double Header Race Results

We had good times in Seattle and Portland this year, on January 23 rd and 24th! Saturday morning was the 40 floor Rainier tower, with most of us on the WCL/X Gym team choosing to do the 160 floor option (4X up). X Gym had to have a climber in each category though (40, 80, 120 and 160), so some were spread out in order to win more medals. And X Gym did.  ;-) Here are the official results for the Seattle race: [Read more...]

New Ranking Website Coming 1/1/2016!

You may be excited to learn that a shiny new website will be opening in a few weeks on January 1, 2016. This new site will be the new home of the USA stair ranking system, headed by Alex Workman, David Hanley and others on the USSCA board/council. The current ranking system will no longer be available on this website, but you can simply email or Facebook message David Hanley for the updated current rankings. This website will of course continue to operate as a blog and a reference for … [Read more...]

David’s Stair Training 101

LOVED our "step" brother David's article on his blog. He give fantastic advice for new steppers, so please pass it on to anyone interested in this great sport or who has questions. He pretty much covers it all here: https://keepitupdavid.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/stairracetraining/#comment-47712[Read more...]

Stratosphere 2015

The national championship at Strat 2015 was another roaring success.  Racers lined up to start at 8am sunday March first, and after a 25 minute delay to assist an injured volunteer, the elite wave was sent up one by one. First overall and again close to the course record was Sproule Love, with a time of 7:22.  Slightly improving on his winning time from the previous year but relegated to second by Sproule's outstanding performance was Alex Workman with 7:51.  Coming in third with a time that … [Read more...]

Hancock 2015

  Hustle up the  Hancock was back to its late february time slot for 2015, and the weather was unusually pleasant for late February.  The elite wave was moved forward to 6:45, and 32 climbers lined up in this wave.   The male winner was again Eric Lenninger, again going under 10 minutes with a time of 9:51.  Second place was new climber Dan Walters, off of strong performances at sears tower and oakbrook, coming in at 10:12.  Third was Jesse Berg, coming in at 10:40, … [Read more...]

Wamu Race 2014

We didn't have our usual "ringers" from out of town, or even many of our local super stars this year at the Wamu race on Dec 4th, but since our X Gym team is so deep with talent, we still won it by an obscene margin. Here is the link to the official individual results:  [Read more...]

12h Stair Climbing World Record Attempt by Christian Riedl

September 28, 2014 On September 28, German stair runner Christian Riedl, who is currently ranked 3rd in the Towerrunning World Cup ranking, will try to set a new world record in 12 hour stair climbing in Tower 185 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The current record, which is only nine months old, is held by Justin Stewart, one of the best American stair climbers and last year’s winner of the SkyRise in Chicago's iconic Willis Tower. Last November, he climbed the Hilton Hotel in Springfield … [Read more...]