Brady Renshaw

Brady Renshaw, 35 of Schaumburg, IL, is ranked among the top 10 U.S. tower climbers. He is currently the Lead Wellness Champion at Zurich North America, promoting health & wellness to all employees. He led the Zurich team to victory at Hustle Up the Hancock (HUH) in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  He recruited 100 people to the 2013 HUH team, which will be the largest team in HUH history! … [Read more...]

Justin Stewart

Justin Stewart, 25 years old from Springfield IL is a rookie to the sport of stair climbing, but has been ranked in the top 3 in the US and top 10 in the world consistently since his debut in 2011. In his first ever stair climb race he placed first and set a course record.  Since then he has placed first 11 times in just 15 races and has set 7 course records in those 11 wins.  He comes from a running … [Read more...]

Karen Geninatti

Karen Geninatti, 55, from Carlinville,IL., has ended the 2011 and 2012 towerrunning season ranked #13 in the world, females. She is the owner/ Trainer of Geninatti Gym in Carlinville. Her first stair climb was in 1996. She was a national level competitive bodybuilder for 12 years and has been featured in numerous magazines such as Flex, Muscle Mag, Muscle and Fitness and Ironman. She has been competing the … [Read more...]

Kristin Frey

Kristin Frey, 28 year old from Schaumburg, Illinois has been ranked among the top 3 females in the world in tower climbing since 2010, is a competitive runner and has qualified for the Boston Marathon 10 times. … [Read more...]

Mark Trahanovsky

Mark Trahanovsky, 53 years old from Yorba Linda, California is the creator of the USA Stair Climb Association. He is also the founder of the West Coast Labels stair racing team, which is the fastest stair climb team in the world. Mark is ranked among top 50 stair climbers in the world and competes in Elliptigo bike races. … [Read more...]

Kacie Fischer Cleveland

Kacie Fischer Cleveland, 27 years old from Ponte Vedra, Florida was ranked among the top 10 females in the world in 2010 and 2011 and recently broke a World Record for inline skating more than 2,800 miles across the United States.   … [Read more...]

PJ Glassey

PJ Glassey from Seattle, Washington is ranked among the top 10 US tower climbers, is an exercise scientist, a workout DVD creator, owner of the X Gyms, and author of "Cracking Your Calorie Code." He has coached many … [Read more...]