Race Records of the Stair Titans

Have you ever wondered, while climbing up a building, what the fastest time is for that building? Some of times you probably already know (especially the major ones, or the recent record breakers) but wouldn't it be fun to know a bunch of them? Well, thanks to George Grena and his research, now we know over 60 of those records! Click the "Stair Titans" link below to see the PDF of the races compiled so far and if you have any corrections (including you George, who might have caught some … [Read more...]

Bruce Yang

Bruce Yang, from West Nyack NY. Bruce did his first stair climb at the age of 7 in the mountainous region leading to his grandparents house in Taiwan.  It was a steep climb of 200 stone steps built by the mountain farmers in the 1860s. After immigrating to the United States, Bruce found the haven of grassroots sports or recreational amateur sports opportunities that no other place in the world could … [Read more...]

David Hanley

In 2009, realizing he was 50 pounds overweight and could barely run a block, David Hanley inexplicably decided to participate in one of the most grueling sports he could--stair racing!  After muddling along for a few years, he was accepted into the empire state building run-up, which lit his competitive fire and inspired him to take his training much more seriously.  Now, with several top-10 finishes under his … [Read more...]

Cindy Moll-Harris

Cindy Moll-Harris from Indianapolis, Indiana, is the only 4 time women's winner of the New York Empire State Building Run-up and women's American record holder with a time of 12:45. She also runs, with a half marathon PR of 1:21. Cindy was the World Tower Running Champion Runner-up in 2011 … [Read more...]

Lisa Zeigel

Lisa has been a Health and Fitness Professional since 1991. She is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialist since 1997.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 1998 and currently works full-time as the Program Manager for Health Fitness Corporation at the J. Paul Getty Museum’s staff fitness center, trains private clients, and writes a fitness column for the Zone Diet email newsletter.  A competitive … [Read more...]

Michael Karlin

Michael Karlin from Bethesda, MD is ranked among the top 50 male climbers in the world in towerrunning.  Michael is also the first and only American to successfully complete the German Mount Everest Stair Marathon, which is the longest endurance stair event in the world, where he climbed up and down the equivalent distance from sea level to the summit of Mount Everest in under 24 hours (39,700 steps up and down).  Michael is also a USATF Masters All-American in Road Running. … [Read more...]

Jane Trahanovsky

Jane Trahanovsky from Newport Beach, CA, made her first climb at the 63-story AON Building in LA in April 2008 at the encouragement of her brother, Mark, a world-class climber.  She completed the climb in 34:17 at the age of 51, weighing in excess of 220 pounds.  She was bitten by the stair climbing bug that day and began exercising and eating healthier so she’d have less weight to carry up the stairs.   Two years later and 80 pounds lighter she was first in her age division at the 75 story US … [Read more...]