Race Records of the Stair Titans

Have you ever wondered, while climbing up a building, what the fastest time is for that building? Some of times you probably already know (especially the major ones, or the recent record breakers) but wouldn't it be fun to know a bunch of them? Well, thanks to George Grena and his research, now we know over 60 of those records! Click the "Stair Titans" link below to see the PDF of the races compiled so far and if you have any corrections (including you George, who might have caught some … [Read more...]

Hancock 2014

Hustle up the hancock 2014 represented a surge in performance for new and returning men’s climbers, while representing a bit of a return of the old guard on the women’s side.   The day was gorgeous; after a long hard winter, it was warm and clear in the morning, and approaching the race in shorts and tee shirts was comfortable.  Unfortunately, this made for hot conditions in the stairwell, and most racers were covered with sweat after only a few minutes in the stairs.   Marking a … [Read more...]

Strat’s a-coming!

The US championship race at the stratosphere is a few short days away. The line-up for the elite wave has been released, and with many of the usual suspects for the men’s race not able to attend this year, that half of the race is wide open, with Alexander Workman, Jeffrey Dinkin, Thomas Scott, and John “Oz” Osborne statistically likely to finish in a dead heat, and up-and-coming athletes such as Joshua Duncan and Jason Larson likely to be nipping at their heels. On the Women’s side, Erika … [Read more...]

Illinois High School P.E. Teacher attempts stair climbing world record Sat, Nov 23, 2013

Justin Stewart, a 26 year old Physical Education teacher and track coach from Springfield, IL, will have one goal this Saturday: Climbing Stairs!  But not a normal amount of stairs; Justin is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for climbing the most vertical feet via ascending stairs in a 12 hour period.  The current record was set in 2011 by Chris Solarz from New York City when he climbed 58,080 stairs or 33,000 feet, which to put in perspective is:

Willis Tower 2013

The 2013 SkyRise climb featured 2311 climbers racing each other up 2115 steps ( 1353 feet, 413 meters ) to the top of the Willis Tower. It also raised over one million dollars for RIC--the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  The event boasted a large elite field of runners from three continents, with climbers … [Read more...]

Oakbrook power hour

Oakbrook was something new for me, a power hour: One hour of all the climbs of a building that i could muster. I woke up a bit earlier than i needed to; i always get nerves before a race!  I made a banana & dark cherry smoothie for some energy, and threw in a little coffee.  Nice mix, tasty!  Alex and i went to the race, checked in, i got dressed, and before too long we were lining up to climb! Oz and Kristin lined up at the front, as they should, being clearly the two strongest … [Read more...]

New 24 Hour World Record Set!

We did it! Our team smashed our own goals, even though we felt like we might have set them too high: 123,480 steps climbed (Goal 100,000) 76,440 vertical feet (Goal 75,000) 5,880 floors (Goal 5,000) We did this climb relay style, taking turns, so there was always someone in the stairwell at any given moment, unless they were in the elevator coming back down. We tried 3 climbs in a … [Read more...]