Bruce Yang

Bruce Yang, from West Nyack NY. Bruce did his first stair climb at the age of 7 in the mountainous region leading to his grandparents house in Taiwan.  It was a steep climb of 200 stone steps built by the mountain farmers in the 1860s.

After immigrating to the United States, Bruce found the haven of grassroots sports or recreational amateur sports opportunities that no other place in the world could offer.

Bruce has continued to utilize stair climbing as a way to condition himself and to supplement his workout for other sports that he has participated.  Due to the effectiveness of stair climb workout, Bruce’s body weight has stayed within the +/- 10 lbs range from his natural adult weight since 18.  In 2008, Bruce decided to enter the extremely strenuous sport of Stair Climb races to test his mental toughness and physical threshold.  He is humbled to witness the elite US stair climbers who have so much tenacity, power, and endurance.  Bruce knows that he will continue to improve and learn from the elite stair climbers of the USA Stair Climbing Association as well as motivate others to stay healthy by participating in this wonderful and growing sport.