Big D and Aon Chicago Through the Eyes of One Crazy Mofo


4 ascents , 2 buildings, 2 races, 1 weekend and 1 stair addict crazy enough to do both.

The weekend of the 26th – 27th of January sported two awesome climbing races. The first was the “Big D” Climb in Dallas Texas, a 52 story, 1040 step race for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 1268 folks entered the race, 1051 finished. Our team “West Coast Labels/XGym Team Texas” did fantastic. I myself (Scott Stanley) took 3rd place overall, and our team also took 5th and 6th place overall. Patricia Woolslayer who took 6th overall also won the Women’s overall. In the team category, out of 192 teams entered, and taking the top 3 times from each team we placed 2nd behind a great team from Tulsa Oklahoma,  “Anti-Gravity”. Overall their climbers placed 1st, 2nd and 7th in the top 10. These 2 teams dominated the climb, and made for a close team finish.

As soon as that race was over I flew to Chicago to do the Aon Chicago Step up for Kids 80 story 1600+ step climb the next morning. Needless to say, after climbing the Dallas building twice, (once is never enough) and getting a short night’s sleep, I did not have the freshest legs for the Aon Climb. Still, a respectable climb ending up in 29th place out of the 2295 climbers that finished that race. Of course you can’t climb a building once, so the 2nd time I did it was pretty close to my first time of 13:29.

Overall it was a blast. Got to be with our team in Texas that had an amazing race. Then got to be with the rest of the West Coast Labels/XGym team in Chicago as they dominated that race! Spending time with all the team mates and folks at both races was a hoot, and if I get the chance to do it again, I’ll do it in a heart beat!

Here are the links to the official results:

Dallas (the link is kind of slow – overall results take about 30 seconds):


-Written by Scott Stanley (with emphasis added by PJ Glassey – like the mofo stuff – because Scott is a crazy mofo and so far I’m the only one with the password to this blog, so I get to edit stuff however I want).

P.S. Karen just sent in her report of the AON climb and she’s another crazy mofo. She placed fifth overall in the women’s division out of 1100, and 39th overall, including dudes. At 13:55 this year, she shaved off one minute, 40 seconds from her previous time. Then she climbed it four more times because she’s a crazy mofo.