Beginner’s Guide to Stair Climbing







Here’s a nice little article on starting out in the sport of stairclimbing:

And here’s the original post:

And then if you are still hungry for more, check out this page:


  1. Ned Greene says:


    If you remember, we briefly spoke at the TowerThon, and you asked that I remind you that I had switched age groups ( just turned 70). I am still listed in the 60-69 group in the new rankings.

    Also, you asked my metronome setting for Willis Tower. I said 70, and that is what it was for 2013. At 70, my time should have been 18:00. However, I could feel myself slowing down around 3/4 of the way up, hence 18:41. In 2012, my first year, I did a lot of figuring, taking the turns and hallways into account, and decided that 63 BPM would give me 20:00, which was my goal. My step-rate and metronome were exact, all the way to the top. My time was 19:59!

    If you would, please drop my an email to let me know that you got this.

    Ned Greene

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