2014 AON LA Race Results

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Fun times! Lots of laughs and mostly locals this year at the AON LA 4/5/14. Here is the results link: http://raceresults.eternaltiming.com/index.cfm/20140405_Fight_For_Air_Stair_Climb_-_Los_Angeles.htm?Fuseaction=Results&Class=Stair+Climb+Individual~All You may notice that a girl won. That actually … [Read more...]

2014 Big Climb Race Results

Columbia Tower

Brutal is the word for this building. No one is really quite sure why this building is so good at chewing up tower runners and spitting them out at around floor 50, but seein-as-how the finish line is at 73, that makes for one tough final push to say the least. Maybe it's the kind of cement they use for the stairs, maybe it's the funky deep step on each 2nd landing, maybe it's the way the railing sticks out a … [Read more...]

2014 Presidential Towers Race Results


Josh Duncan took top honors this year at the brutal Presidential Towers 4 tower climb with a total time of 16:46. Jason Larson and John Osborn rounded out the top 3, finishing with extremely strong times as well. Cindy Harris won for women with a time of 18:24. Evelyn Wisniewski and Elizabeth Panke rounded out the top 3 for women. There were timing errors again (as there are every year with this timing company) but thankfully not with any of the top 3 total-climb finishers this time. A … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Stair Climbing


          Here's a nice little article on starting out in the sport of stairclimbing: http://www.komonews.com/seattlerefined/lifestyle/A-beginners-guide-to-stair-climbing-251607551.html And here's the original post: [Read more...]

2014 USA Championship Race Results

Strat team

Holy Skyscrapers Batman! The race up the Stratosphere skyscraper this year was dominated by a superhero from Germany in a time of 7 minutes and 19 seconds. This was only a few seconds slower than the top racer from [Read more...]

2014 Seattle/Portland Double Header

Wow! Two more great races from the WCL/X Gym team! You are an unstoppable force for sure! Check out the team results for the Seattle race here (our normal win by an insane margin): http://www.hallucinationsports.com/event/show/56866701#/results::1391476065294 Just click the tab towards the top to see the different categories. As you can see, we got the top three fastest times in the … [Read more...]

More News on Track Hack

In my previous article, "What the Heck Is Hack?" I explained what the "hack" or cough is, that competitive stair climbers are often familiar with, but I stumbled across an article from Dr. Mercola that had some new information in it relating to this condition. I have already mentioned that this condition is caused by air moving over the throat so rapidly that it causes erosion of the throat surfaces and … [Read more...]