Stairsport.com is dedicated to supporting amateur athletes in the sport of competitive stair climbing (a.k.a. Tower running) in the United States though information, competition, education and camaraderie.

Our US “step” family has grown closer in recent years as fast as is has grown in size. We have Mark Trahanovsky to thank for founding our close-knit family and for continuing to be the main “glue” that holds us together. This is why he is the supreme commander (aka President). PJ Glassey is our Vice President and web guy (pictured here on the left). Our biggest key player though, is David Hanley (pictured here on the right), who is our Chief Statistical Officer and scoring oracle/guru who took on the tedious but vital job of calculating and updating our US ranking system.

Tower running has really taken off recently due to the rapid increase in available races. Only a few short years ago, there were limited options available, with the total number of US races at about 40. Now (thanks mostly to the American Lung Association) there are more than 100!

Our sister site, towerrunning.com, is the official world ranking body for our sport. They have proved vital to the growth of our sport both nationally and internationally, through their extremely thorough and accurate ranking system of competitive stair climb racers. They also post an extremely comprehensive list of past and coming races and typically have the race results posted faster than anywhere else on the web. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to this amazing site, so be sure to visit them often!

We hope that you will be encouraged to take up the sport of tower running, or just taking the stairs more as an exercise modality or simply as a healthier alternative to the elevator or escalator. We feel there is no better way to get in shape fast, with less time required than to “go vertical” and climb stairs!


  • Stair climbing can a very strenuous activity.  Before engaging in stair climbing or any new exercise or physical activity, consult with your physician.  Failure to do so could result in health complications, serious injury or even death.
  • Going down stairs can make you very sore and can be hard on your joints. If you train outside and must go down stairs (what goes up, must come down), be sure to follow some simple tips on this page to minimize the soreness and impact forces.
  • If you are climbing stairs on private property or in a building, make sure to get permission from the owner of the stairs or building management first.

Questions? Just leave a comment here!

If you need to directly contact a real live person however, you can email Mark Trahanovsky through labels@integrity.com or call him at 714-345-8250.