7 “Best of Seattle” Outdoor Staircases

Don’t want to climb inside closed-in, dusty stairwells on Seattle summer days? Well, you are in luck. Doug Beyerlein, our most experienced outdoor stair climber and runner, has created an awesome resource for the rest of us crazy climbers to help keep it fresh and take it outside.

His website, PublicStairs.com has links to the best outdoor staircases in the area, as well as tons of other useful info. He also created a Google map so you can find them easily. Doug was into climbing our local outdoor stairs long before anyone else I know in this sport, so he is “da man” for the “know how” and the “what, where and why.”

Based on Doug’s research and  my own personal experience, I have ranked the following outdoor stairs by the order of length. You can also see a video of some of them the X Gym’s YouTube  channel. The most recent stair videos are at the bottom of this post.

Seattle’s Top 7 Outdoor Staircases

  1. Howe (388 steps) Video below!
  2. Thistle (367) Video below!
  3. Blaine (293)
  4. NW 85th St (287)
  5. Charlestown (227)
  6. Cooper (215)
  7. Gennessee (213)

Remember you can find these stairs by visiting Doug’s blog. Thanks again Doug!

Also, for a great Eastside climb in Kirkland, check out the Forbes Creek stairs through the X Gym stair training page. Doug also posted a bunch on one of his site’s pages.

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