49ers Crush Young Broncos in San Diego

The San Diego Towerthon was owned this year by Jeff Dinkin, 49 years old, in the two-hour power climb, and PJ Glassey, 49 years old, in the sprint event. Second and third place in both events went to a couple young broncos in their 30’s, namely, Josh Duncan and Jason Larson. Jason got second in the sprint, with Josh coming in third, and Josh won second in the power climb, with Jason coming in third.

The official results are here: http://gemininext.com/results/?event_id=3769

You will also see that Lisa Zeigel crushed the sprint, with Cindy Levine less than 1 second behind her! Then Cindy took first place in the power climb with 21 climbs, and Lisa right behind her with 20 climbs. Wow!

Things went sideways though, due to an elevator malfunction (hence the reason for the sideways featured image of the building for this post). There has been some debate as to who won the power climb (Jeff vs. Josh) and the posted results have flip-flopped a couple times, but here’s a screen shot of how they look NOW, which is why I’m writing this post NOW, in case it changes again, because if it does, my clever title for this post won’t work anymore.  😉

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.09.26 AM


This inconclusiveness is understandably frustrating for the climbers and explains why the young Broncos may be inclined to take it out on the 49er pictured at the bottom of this post.

The reason for the inconclusiveness is due to aforementioned elevator malfunction, which trapped 17 people for about 45 minutes. Josh was one of those lucky people, so he and the other 16 were allowed to make up that time after they were released from the elevator by the fire department. What a mess! They are still trying to sort out all the data and, as you can probably imagine, is a nightmare for the timing company.

And here’s George Grena’s write up on the event:PJ win2015-06-30 19.15.26

2012 marked the first year Father Joe’s Villages in San Diego held its Towerthon, featuring a single-lap sprint, & 2-hour multi-lap
endurance race.  This event raises funds for its partner agency, Toussaint Academy, where “teens can transform their lives from
homeless to college-bound.”  The inaugural race raised only $715, but this year participants pledged over $80,000!

In 2012 it spanned 25 floors of the 27-story Columbia Center, but due to occupancy was reduced to 24 floors in 2013.  Beginning last
year, the venue moved a block south to the 20-story Corporate Center, with the race spanning all 20 floors, 239.3 feet.  PJ Glassey
established a building record with his mind-boggling sprint of 101 seconds (1:41), & Jason Larson did likewise for the multi-lap by
accomplishing 28, with a 1:28:54 sum.

This year PJ again captured the sprint, with a still-impressive time of 105 seconds; however Jeff Dinkin tied Jason’s
spectacular multi-lap record with 28 laps, albeit with a 1:31:07 sum.  Joshua Duncan tied Jason this year with 27 laps; however,
an unusual glitch occurred, which in my opinion divided this year’s event into 3 unique races rather than 2.

2015-06-30 19.20.20