2014 Seattle/Portland Double Header

Wow! Two more great races from the WCL/X Gym team! You are an unstoppable force for sure!

Check out the team results for the Seattle race here (our normal win by an insane margin): http://www.hallucinationsports.com/event/show/56866701#/results::1391476065294

Just click the tab towards the top to see the different categories. As you can see, we got the top three fastest times in the 160 floor climb, sweeping the top 3 spots with Tristan Martin and Michael.

We didn’t have anyone entered in the 120 floor climb, but Eddie won it for us in the 80 floor climb, (by such a margin it looked like a timing error).

Then we took 3 of the top 5 overall in the 40 floor run – two of those runners being women – namely, Melanie and Natalia, which is pretty incredible considering this is the top five overall including dudes!

Then a handful of us hopped the train and raced in Portland the next day, only to dominate there too (of course).

The WCL?X Gym team won again by another obscene margin of course:  http://www.hallucinationsports.com/event/show/56823754#/results::1391476685299

Tristan also won the 160 floor climb again with Martin coming in second again and Michael pulling a strong 4th place overall.

Since we didn’t have anyone in the 120 floor climb in Seattle, I asked Melanie to do that category, assuming she would of course win, and win she did – overall – including dudes!

We skipped the 80 floor climb at this race, but in the 40 floor climb, we took first and second overall. Beverly also made the top 10 overall including dudes, and then took second overall in the 20 floor climb. She would have taken first place overall, but we were confused on where the finish line was, so she lost about 15 seconds while we were trying to find that floor (after stopping on 20, trying to get the door open, then going up to 21, which was open with a water stop, so we went into the hallway to look for the timing mat, which was in there, but Bev lied down to rest anyway because she thought for sure she was done, but then the water stop people told us to go up one more floor, so she got back up and ran up one more floor to the finish. That all added at least 15 seconds to her time (probably more), and since she only lost over all by 10 seconds to the top dude, it’s a pretty safe bet that she would have won pretty easily.