2014 Presidential Towers Race Results

Josh Duncan took top honors this year at the brutal Presidential Towers 4 tower climb with a total time of 16:46. Jason Larson and John Osborn rounded out the top 3, finishing with extremely strong times as well.

Cindy Harris won for women with a time of 18:24. Evelyn Wisniewski and Elizabeth Panke rounded out the top 3 for women.

There were timing errors again (as there are every year with this timing company) but thankfully not with any of the top 3 total-climb finishers this time. A timing company switch is definitely long overdue for this race!

Jesse Berg and Eric Lenninger ran as a superstair team in the relay category this year to mix it up, and of course won that category. Jesse was unfortunately one of the timing company casualties though, so he only got credit for a 3:11, but his time was really closer to 3:02. Since the results aren’t functionally searchable on the timing company’s webpage, finding Jesse and Eric’s other times are apparently not possible (another reason to switch companies), but from what I hear, they were blazing fast!

For the the complete race results (including at least 4 known errors anyway), see this link: http://www.theracershub.com/results_view.php?id=2318&result_type=file