2014 AON LA Race Results

Fun times! Lots of laughs and mostly locals this year at the AON LA 4/5/14.

Here is the results link: http://raceresults.eternaltiming.com/index.cfm/20140405_Fight_For_Air_Stair_Climb_-_Los_Angeles.htm?Fuseaction=Results&Class=Stair+Climb+Individual~All

You may notice that a girl won. That actually tends to happen pretty regularly when Erika Aklufi shows up. If she wasn’t so awesome I’d resent her, but I can’t because she really is that awesome. And a total sweetheart. And funny. And humble. Dammit – I really wish I could resent her.

Second place overall (and first place for the dudes) was Chris Whitney. He’s awesome too. It’s a pleasure to be schooled by the likes of him.

Looks like old guys kind of rock here too, seein’-as-how the top 6 dudes were all over 40. Yep, that’s right – old guys are smokin’ hot.

You may have also noticed that two Glasseys placed in the top 10 out of 800 runners. *ahem*

Actually, the real big deal was the Stocker and Ronk families. The Stocker family swept their age groups with 1st place medals – Mateus, Veronica, her mom and her dad! Veronica’s aunt showed up too and took 2nd in her division. Sheesh! Then Madeleine Ronk and her kids grabbed their own handful of medals after making everyone else look like turtles climbing through cold molasses.

Our new team addition Maggie also smoked it. She wrote a GREAT post on this race and a few others here: http://hiccupingyogi.com/one-month-and-lots-of-stairs/

And here is a fun vid by David Garcia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7nzhf_JXZY&feature=youtu.be

And here’s the dork who keeps beating me in my  age group:

jeff14I’m pretending to like him here, but I’m really just super annoyed inside because he did it to me last year too. I think he’s laughing AT me not WITH me, don’t you think?  Stupid poopy-face.jeff13


  1. G.M. Grena says:

    That is such a great photo of you & Jeff laughing! And wow! The Stockers vs. The Ronks! Amazing bunch! Fun race!

  2. Dork? Poopy-face? Such harsh language, PJ! I don’t even know who beat me in my age group, but there’s only 22 of them. I prefer they remain anonymous so I don’t feel guilty beating them at the next race. And thanks for the link love. Also wrote a Race Recap, which folks can read here: http://keepitupdavid.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/aon3/

  3. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Definitely laughing AT you, bro! Ya gotta step it up.

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