2013 Portland Climb

The “Big Pink” tower turned out to be no match for the X Gym team from Seattle this year. Our small, rag-tag team of 7 ended up hogging all the medals once again.

There were different length climbs, so we had to be strategic in our placement and selection of who ran what.

  • Beverly grant won the 20 floor sprint (including dudes).
  • I (PJ) won the 40 floor run.
  • Nandor won the 80 floor climb.
  • Tristan came in 2nd in the 160 floor marathon, right behind Ricky Gates, a world-famous mountain running champ, so among normal mortals, he was first place.
  • And we won fastest team as well.

The American Lung Association did an amazing job with this first year race. Hallucination Sports did a phenomenal job with the timing too.

It was a rel pleasure to be a part of this event and wonderful cause!

For the full results, click here.