2011 Two Union Tower Stair Climb Results

OK, same old story: utter domination of another stair climb competition. X Gym wins 1st place male, 1st place female, top 8 men overall, top 10 women overall, fastest team, 1st place in every age division we entered except one (where we got 2nd and 3rd), blah, blah, blah. Click here to see the full official results for yourself:

Hats off to the ALA for putting on another great climb! This was only their 2nd year, but it felt like they have been doing this for a long time. Great experience, no glitches, great flow, fantastic timing company (Hallucination Sports), yada yada. Great job ALA!

Below were the predictions I made before the climb (see previous post). I added the actual results as they turned out for this post. I listed their placing too, just to brag about the X Gym team. I was fairly close on the majority of the climbers. Kevin blew my mind with his performance, but he has a tendency to do that because he is a freak. I always expect Kourtney to blow my mind too, so when I predict her time, I just put up some crazy number that doesn’t seem humanly possible and that usually puts me pretty close.

  • Predicted: 1st place: Kevin Crossman 5:30    Actual: 1st place at 5:09
  • Predicted: 2nd: Brian Crossman 5:35    Actual: 3rd place at 5:33
  • Predicted: 3rd: John Osborn 5:45    Actual: 2nd place at 5:30
  • Predicted: 4th: Brady Renshaw 5:54    Actual: 4th place at 5:42
  • Predicted: 5th: P J Glassey 5:55    Actual: 5th place at 6:00
  • Predicted: 6th: Mike Walter 5:56    Actual: 9th place (7th for men) at 6:29
  • Predicted: 7th: Mark Trahanovsky 5:58    Actual: 7th place (6th for men) at 6:21
  • Predicted: 8th: Kourtney Dexter 6:20    Actual: 1st place (for women, but 6th overall including dudes) at 6:18
  • Predicted: 9th: Kacie Fischer 6:22    Actual: 4th place (for women, but 13th overall including dudes) at 7:01
  • Predicted: 10th: Kristen Frey 6:25    Actual: 2nd place (for women, but 8th overall including dudes) at 6:23
  • Calvin Hancock (PJ’s 13 year old nephew) Predicted: 6:55   Actual: 7:18 (17th overall, 13th for men, 1st in 10-14 division)

I didn’t predict the rest, because I haven’t climbed with them enough, but here were my suggested start order and their actual placings and times:

Patrick Roby   16th overall (12th for men, 3rd in 20-29 division) at 7:17
Karen Geninatti   28th overall (9th for women, 2nd in 50-59 division) at 8:13
Sheila Klein   19th overall (6th for women, 1st in 50-59 division) at 7:33
Ann Stover    23rd overall (8th for women, 3rd in 40-49 division) at 7:55
Rich Camacho    10th overall (8th for men, 3rd in 30-39 division) at 6:45
Jennifer Tenczar   18th overall (5th for women, 2nd in 40-49 division) at 7:26
George Burnham   135th overall (62nd for men, 3rd in 60-69 division) at 14:10
Spencer Colby   26th overall (18th for men, 7th in 40-40 division) at 8:12
Ken Yu   61st overall (40th for men, 5th in 50-59 division) at 9:56
Ken Colling   90th overall (51st for men, 2nd in 60-69 division) at 11:07
Patricia Scott 21st overall (7th for women, 2nd in 30-39 division) at 7:39
Hilary Kenops    30th overall (10th for women, 4th in 40-49 division) at 8:22
Anne Jensen    10th overall (3rd for women, 1st in 40-49 division) at 6:55
Nelson Quong   72nd overall (45th for men, 12th in 40-49 division) at 10:33
Lesley Jacobs   99th overall (44th for women, 3rd in 50-59 division) at 12:14
Nicholas Blenkush   Couldn’t make it to the race.

The following racers started later in the day, to allow for some of us to come back down and climb back up with them:

Adam Walter (Mike Walter’s 9 year old son) Predicted: 8:50    Actual: 8:53 (36th overall, 26th for men, 1st in 1-9 division)
Beverly Grant (PJ’s girlfriend ) Predicted: 8:45   Actual: 9:53 (59th overall, 20th for women, 5th in 20-29 division)

Now for the team results (fastest 4 climbers averaged). Once again, no one was even close to X Gym:

  1.   21:54 X GYM                         (   5:29)

  2.   32:02 PRIME CLIMB                   (   8:01)

  3.   35:14 MERCER ISLAND CROSSFIT        (   8:49)

Oh, and I should mention that FOUR of our X Gym women ran faster than the FASTEST Crossfit DUDE! I’m not trying to “dis” Crossfit or anything. It’s just a great example of how much our women ROCK!!!

Check out the video below (especially the drama and suffering starting at 1:41).