2012 Big Climb Results

Shawn and Kourtney did it again! They both defended their titles by winning overall fastest man and woman. Kourtney completely shattered her own course record by such a hugh margin, it looked like a timing error. I know it was accurate though, because she started behind me by at least 15 seconds, yet she still passed me and then put an additional gap between us by the finish.  Sheesh!

Kourtney got a 9:16 last year, which was phenomenal, but this year pulled in an 8:43! That was 8th place overall, including dudes and (obviously) 1st place for women. I noticed she also beat the fastest Crossfit dude (with a 9:42) by a gap so wide you could drive a cruise ship through it. In fact, seven X Gymers came in ahead of that guy, including me (PJ), despite the fact that I had a bad race, running bout 40 seconds slower than my personal best.

Our X Gym women were total rock stars (or should I say “rock stairs?”). Roxanne came in 2nd place overall. Sheila came in 3rd place overall and won her age group (50-59). Jen came in 4th place overall and won her age group (40-49). Patricia got 9th overall, so that made it a top 4 sweep, 5 in the top 10 and a sweep of the age groups 30-59. Dang!

The Crossman twins (or should I say freaks) rounded out our fastest three climbers (with Shawn) to give us the overall team win and a combined team time of 22:39. This makes it a “three-peat” for us. By the way, if we took our 2nd fastest trio (Kourtney, PJ and Mike W.), we still would have won fastest team. Oh, and our third fastest trio (Jeff, Michael and Calvin) would have won it for us too. With more than 3000 racers and over 240 teams, this race is one of the toughest competitions on the planet.

Illahee Middle school had an awesome race this year and took the 2nd place spot with a team time of 28:24. They are nationally known for their strong track and cross country runners.  We had a strong showing as well in the “kid” department though. Calvin Hancock, my 14 year old nephew, pulled in a top 40 placement out of 3000+ racers. I figured he had a good chance at winning the 15 and under group, but he got nipped 10 seconds by one of the track stars from Illahee. Calvin is on a rampage now because of that. He recently asked his dad to take him stair climbing every day. He’s a maniac and he’s only 10 seconds behind me now in one of our local practice buildings. He’s making sure he will OWN the competition next year (and maybe me too).

Getting back to teams, I just have to mention that Crossfit doesn’t bother talking smack to us anymore. They have learned by now that they will never have a chance of coming close to our fitness. They even had their biggest turnout for this race of any year so far. Out of the 241 teams, 11 of them were Crossfit gyms. Here is how they stacked up to the X Gym team:

  • 1st place: X Gym (22:39)
  • 9th place: Kirkland Crossfit (31:08)
  • 20th place: Mt Baker Crossfit (33:03)
  • 44th place: Federal Way Crossfit (35:00)
  • 53rd place: Crossfit Advantage (36:18)
  • 58th place: Graham Crossfit (36:38)
  • 80th place: NW Crossfit (37:37)
  • 84th place: Imperial Crossfit (38:13)
  • 90th place: Ranier Crossfit (38:30)
  • 102nd place: King Crossfit (39:17)
  • 197th place: Crossfit Finish First (48:17) Hmmm, judging ny their name selection, it seems this team didn’t get the memo about X Gym and they thought they actually had a chance at winning. FAIL! They were even beat by Seattle Zumbaholics who placed 188th place with 47:14. Oh, snap!
  • 218th place: River Town Crossfit (53:43)

Sorry, I just had to. Crossfit keeps claiming their workout is so much more intense than ours, but claims are just empty words without the proof to back it up. Since tower running is the most intense sport on the planet, I figure this is all the proof needed to show who has the most intense (and best) workout program.

Now geting off my high horse, I’d like to say that this race is nearest and dearest to my heart because it was the first race I ever did. Plus, the organizers are awesome. I still don’t know how they make it the most fun of any race I know of, as well as the best run and with the best energy, in spite of the fact that they have over 6,000 participants! Yep, that’s not a typo. With 3000+ racers and 3000+ non-timed climbers, this is the largest turnout of any stair climb on the planet and they nail it every time.

See you next year! Anyone have a more clever term than “Four-Peat?” Let me know, because we’ll need it.

Here are the official results: