2011 Willis Tower Stair Climb Results

Alrightythen! If you are a follower of this blog, you may know that I try a different training experiment before each race, in my ongoing quest to find a better way to train. You may also know that I keep my total exercise time to less than 10 minutes per day and under an hour per week. This helps me create training methods for the X Gym and also keeps my exercise time within my ADD limitations.

Doing this type of training however, makes me an extremely inconsistent racer. While I usually place in the top 10 overall, I am still all over the place and occasionally crash and burn as I find out what NOT to do by trial and error, like this particular Willis tower race, where I bonked at floor 40 and dragged my miserably taxed wimpy legs the rest of the way up the remaining 63 floors to come in at an embarrassing 40th place overall and falling far short of my own PR.

So what did I learn NOT to do? I learned that road bike riding isn’t as good for tower running as I thought it would be. Because riding on streets with traffic lends me to the mercy of said traffic, stop signs and lights, I can’t control the variables like I can on the incline trainer, row machine or rope machine. Plus, to be honest, I sometimes wimp out since there is no particular course I follow because I am also riding to get somewhere and accomplish something, since my ADD won’t allow me to ride just for the sake of riding.

In the gym however, I can control the variables, so I learned a lesson there.

OK, enough about me and my lame explanation for my pathetic performance at the Willis tower this year. Plus, it makes me cranky just writing about it. What I really want to talk about is the awesome superstars I had the pleasure of racing with, here at the tallest urban stair climb on the planet.

This year was the most competitive year ever, with a record number of Europeans showing up as well as the lion’s share of the top US climbers.

Sproule Love stepped up to crush us all and set the new world record in this 103 floor climb with a time of 13 minutes and 3 seconds! We didn’t plan on him being there, so he surprised us a bit. He is the real deal though, with amazing performances in other climbs and a history of athletic accomplishments and awards a mile long.

Jesse Berg, who was last year’s overall winner, took 2nd behind the new record setter.

Eric Lenninger, another past overall winner in this climb, placed 3rd.

Dan Ackermann a total ninja, at the age of 51, took 4th.

Kevin Crossman pulled a nice PR and took 5th.

Rolf, Oz, Lawrence, Brian and Justin – all superstars – rounded out the rest of the top 10.

Cindy Harris took 11th overall (including dudes), won it for the women and reset the record (her previous record).

Kristen Frey, currently ranked 2nd in the world, took 2nd.

Kourtney Dexter, ranked 4th in the world, took 3rd.

Did I mention this was competitive? Sheesh! This year really brought out the all-stars.

For the full results list, Click the link below:


Check out the vid! http://youtu.be/2EoLrjIFN78

If you want to study the stairwell, check out Cody’s vid of the climb in real time here: http://youtu.be/30FYvYRoSNc