2011 WaMu Tower Race Results

Sheesh – If you go to the default view of the results page, it’s 100% X Gymers showing up in the top 5 for men and women.

I’d say that’s utter domination…

If you look at the team competition page, the time spread between us and 2nd place is so big, it looks like we cheated!

Also, if we had formed another team with our 5 fastest women, they would have been the 2nd fastest team overall, even though the next fastest team was all dudes. Oh yeah, and these five women would have beat the fastest Crossfit team too of course (quite handily I might add).  Our two fastest women also beat the fastest Crossfit DUDE on the score boards.

I’m not dissing Crossfit per say, I’m just saying that they talk the most about being intense and since tower running is the most intense sport, it’s a good proving ground. I’m just sayin…

You might also have noticed that our relay team smoked it again. Mike and Eddie were back and this time brought a new member who proved he’s all that too.

The next fastest relay team was pretty fast, but as you can see, the time spread between us and 2nd place was unbelievable here too. Also, all of our top 5 single racer guys ran faster than that 2nd place relay team did. I thought that was pretty incredible since relays are 3 person teams with each person only running 1/3 of the building.

We also nabbed the lion’s share of the age groups.

C’mon other gyms! Isn’t there anyone out there who can match our mad skills? I don’t even care if you recruit Lance Armstrong to be on your team, just do something to give us some competition please! Being unbeatable is fun, but if the races would just be a little closer it would be more exciting for all…

The next local race is in March. Click here to be part of the X Gym winning mojo!

Here’s the vid: