2011 Springfield Hilton Race Results

A newcomer to stair climbing smoked us all at this climb, so hats off to 23 year old Justin Stewart, a local track star from Springfield, who sprinted up the 30 floor Hilton in 2 minutes and 21 seconds!

Terry Purcell, the legend, who has won more stair races than any other racer in the world, came in 2nd with a time of 2:30. He didn’t stop there however. He kept climbing the building for the next hour, to take part in the the “ultimate climb” event and ended up winning that with 12 climbs total!

John Ozborn, still a rookie, but skyrocketing faster than any other stair racer I have heard of, came in 3rd with a time of 2:34. He also went on to climb for an hour, completing the course 11 times. Counting the climb he did with his 8 year old son moments later, he also ascended the Hilton 12 times for the day.

I, (PJ Glassey) did my best and ran a time of 2:39 to take 4th place overall. Since I’m shooting all my races this year with a headcam in order to build a library of stairwells for other racers to reference, the vid of my climb can be seen below.

My other stepbrother, Brady Renshaw, took 6th overall with a time of 2:50 and also kept climbing for an hour to take 2nd overall in the ultimate climb.

My stepsister Kristin Frey was the standout star of the day by winning the overall fastest time for women (3:20), which placed 15th overall by the way, among the 400+ racers that turned out for this event, INCLUDING all the DUDES ! She went on to win the ultimate climb for women as well, proving her place of 3rd in the world last year was no fluke!

To see it all for yourself, Check out the vid below: