2011 AON Center LA Race Results

Wow, those are long floors! The staircase is quite strange as well. There are lots of weird turns, landings, rails etc. that make it impossible to get a rhythm going. This race is all heart. You just have to gut it out.

The X Gym/West Coast Labels team did it again though. We took 8 of the top 10 places as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd for both men and women! Justin won it for the men and Kourtney won it for the women, edging out #1 world ranked stairclimber Kristen Frey by only four seconds, to set the new course record.

For the full race results, go here: https://www.runraceresults.com/Secure/RaceResults.cfm?ID=RCPJ2011

To see the race, the fun and the festivities, check out the video:

If you are a tower runner and would like to study the staircase in real time for your own planning purposes, see this video: