2010 WaMu Race

First of all, props to Team Lucy, led by Joe Gray, the US mountain running champion and his friends for beating us! The X Gym  team had a nice winning streak (13 in a row to be exact) until Joe’s mountain running legs showed up with his ninja team mates. Nice work Team Lucy!

God still smiled big on the X Gym however, and blessed us with runners who took 6 of the top ten overall fastest times for men and 5 of the top ten for women. Jamelah also won overall for women, and our own Kevin Crossman took 2nd and 4th for men, because he is insane and felt the need to race it twice.

Here are some more highlights:

  • Jordan Sahlberg took 5th overall with a time of 6:24
  • I (PJ) took 6th with 6:37
  • Mike Walter took 10th with 7:20
  • Ann Stover took 4th overall for women with 9:17
  • Veronika Tague took 6th with 9:19
  • Anne Gerry took 7th with 9:22
  • Heidi Bork took 9th with 9:40
  • Mike Gavareski led the relay team to victory (once again)
  • X Gym won the fastest gym trophy (again – of course)

My personal favorite story is about Lou (72 years young) and Nicole (65 years young), who raced with their grandson Logan (6 years old) and each of them won their age groups!

Here are the full official race results:


Check it all out with the video below: