2010 Bellevue Towers Race Results

Official results are in! Just click here to check it out.

There were 3 climb contests at this race and that makes it somewhat confusing sifting through the timing results, so here are the high points for our team members and teams:

– X Gym won the team competition for all three race lengths (as expected), as well as the fastest overall male and female in every climb length! This makes it 8, 9 and 10 in a row for team wins in our most recent races. Nice winning streak huh? I told you God likes us  🙂

– Javier Santiago won fastest male and set the course record for this new longest urban stair climb on the planet at 182 floors! Kevin Crossman won 2nd (only 2 seconds behind Javier), and Jesse Berg won 3rd. Kristin Frey won fastest female and set that course record as well. You go girl! Oz won 6th, Mark won 8th and Braden won 10th to compete our domination of the top 10. Kevin wanted me to point out that I taught him everything he knows. He joined the X Gym because he saw how well we dominated the WaMu climb and then turned into a freak with our training. He’s so much faster than me now, I have to grab credit by basking in his glory. So Kevin – just remember to look behind you every once in a while to make sure I’m still there riding your coat tails, OK bro?

– Jordan won the 91 floor race and set that course record. Jonny got 2nd, Todd 4th, and Clark 7th. For our female 91 floor speedsters, Kacie won first and the course record, Veronica 2nd, Jamelah 3rd, Amber 4th, Heidi 5th, and Hilary 6th. Wow!

– I (PJ) won the 45 floor race and the “official” course record. I put “official” in quotes, because both Kevin and Jesse actually ran it 9 seconds faster than I did, but that was just their first leg of their 182 climb, so it didn’t count since they were in a different category. This makes me “technically” the 3rd fastest up the 45. Darn those guys! They are freaks though, so among mortal humans, I can still claim to be the fastest 45 racer. Brian (Kevin’s twin) got 2nd, Mike got 3rd, Clay got 5th and Ryan got 8th. Speaking of freaks – Kourtney, with an injured back, won the 45 floor race for females and set the course record. Seriously? Yep. I used to say that she was an alien, but now I am convinced that she is actually a fusion-powered cyborg alien. Beverly (my girlfriend) got 4th and Kit (my flight instructor) got 10th.

– Our other team members did amazing too. Their accomplishments are as follows:

  • Ken: 1st place in the 60+ division for 91 floors.
  • Donald: 3rd in the 30-39 division for 91 floors.
  • Paul: 15th in the 30-39 division for 182 floors.
  • Abraham: 3rd in his division for 45 floors.
  • Nelson: 11th in the 40-49 division for 182 floors.
  • Ryan: 4th in the 20-29 division for 182 floors.
  • Debbie: 4th in the 40-49 division for 91 floors.

– Jubal Flagg, our celebrity stair pupil (DJ on Kiss 106.1 FM), got 16th overall in his first ever stair climb! He’s an overachiever, so he chose the 182 floor race to break into the sport of stair climbing. Nice work bro! that’s better than I did on my first climb. It was a blast working with you and I look forward to more training for future climbs.

– Brent, Renee and the Bellevue Climb committee members did an amazing job on this event. It went WAY better than expected, everyone was happy, and even though there was a major “worst nightmare” glitch with one of the elevators going out, no one even noticed. You guys are pros! No first year climb EVER goes that well, or raises that much money! Amazing job!

Another thing I’m proud of is that the X Gym isn’t just a “show up and dominate” team. Other gyms typically just reach their fund raising minimum so they can qualify to race and try to show off their fitness, but we recognize that these races are charity events first and foremost, which make us great fundraisers too. At this race we were the 2nd largest fund raiser, proving we are more than just race dominators.

Thanks to Gregg Pohll of www.gapphoto.biz for being our genius photographer. Or team picture is below, but there are some great individual and action shots too. Click here to see the rest his pics.

I’ll post some vids when they are done, but I’m still working on them now…