2009 WaMu Tower Race Results

WaMuWow – we smoked it – even more than we did last year!

Thank you God! We had a lot of people praying, and it worked big time!

Results are in and the videos are done (see both below)!

For the full version of the results see pjfit.com and if you think I’m exaggerating, visit the official race results here: http://bit.ly/4LwIUw

1st place male: Jesse Berg (X Gym Friends and Alumni team)

2nd place male: Kevin Crossman (X Gym Team)

1st place female: Kourtney Dexter (X Gym Team)

2nd place female: Jamela Leddy (X Gym Team)

1st place team: X Gym Friends and Alumni

2nd place team: X Gym

1st place relay team: X Gym

1st place trainer: Kevin Crossman (X Gym). Kevin isn’t actually a trainer, but that’s OK. X Gym still got the award. Jesse is a spin instructor in Chicago, so technically he won this award, but that still would have given us the award, since he was on the X Gym Friends and Alumni team.

1st place gym: X Gym

Here is the video blog, starting with Tuesday 12/1/09, when Jesse arrived, our training run that night, sushi, shiatsu, Father Hallisey’s visit, and so on:

Next is meeting the team members and the race itself (with repeat trips up for some of us):

Now for the awards ceremony after the race:

And here we have breakfast the day after and some more stair climbing on Saturday (up a taller building – 63 floors to be exact). Jesse of course smoked it in 6:59! The previous record was 7:29 (set by me). Holy anti gravity Batman! OK Crossman twins – now you have another short term goal…

Then Jeff was Jonesin’ for more (of course), so we took it outside to the 388 step Capitol Hill staircase. Once wasn’t enough for him either:

While we had the superstars in town, we got a Flight Club Christmas picture during our after race climb.

Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas!

Chris, Jeff, Jesse, Proby, Adrienne, Lauren, PJ